Saint Paul Cathedral

Completed in 1906, Saint Paul Cathedral is located in Oakland, the healthcare and cultural hub of Pittsburgh. In preparation for the Cathedral's centennial celebration, the Diocese assembled a scope of work that included two phases of construction. Phase one consisted of a comprehensive masonry restoration of the exterior limestone cladding, repair of the slate roof, and restoration of the stained glass windows. The owner set a very aggressive schedule mandating a close collaboration between our office and the contractors. The façade was divided into three restoration zones. The first zone included those areas of the stone most visible from the street. Damaged stone was replaced with new stone at those locations. The second zone included those areas less visible from the street and damaged stone was replaced with a Dutchman stone patch. The final zone, those areas at the highest elevation of the building therefore least visible to the street, had only the damaged portion of the stone removed and a patching material applied. This methodology resulted in significant savings without compromising the restoration. The second phase included interior renovations and a building addition. Celli-Flynn Brennan Architects & Planners were the design architects for this phase, and we were retained as the preservation consultant. Our scope of work was to review the design architect’s Construction Documents to insure that they were consistent with the Secretary of Interior Standards for Restoration. Despite the abbreviated schedule and complexity of the scope of work, the Cathedral was completed for the centennial celebration.

Owner: Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Area: N/A
Budget: $8,250,000
Completed: 2007