Holy Rosary Parish Addition

The Holy Rosary Parish is located in the City of Muse, 30 miles south of Pittsburgh. We were approached to add a multi-purpose room to an existing church constructed in the mid-eighties. The parish required additional space to accommodate a new large reception hall and class rooms. We were charged with designing a space that was flexible enough to serve both functions. By locating the demountable partitions in strategic locations, we were able to subdivide the space into eight classrooms while still maintaining the space requirements for the reception hall. The design program required a commercial kitchen, accessible bathrooms, lobby, and an exterior courtyard. We designed a wall of operable glass doors and windows between the multi-purpose room and the courtyard. This allowed natural light to flood the interior space and provided direct access between these two spaces.

Owner: Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Area: 3,800 sf.
Budget: $600,000
Completed: 2001