Emmanuel Episcopal Church

The internationally acclaimed architect H. H. Richardson designed the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, completed in 1884 and located in the now resurgent North Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh. We were retained by the parish to create a master plan to restore and update this National Historic Landmark. Our first task was to prepare a Historic Structures Report that outlined and prioritized the scope of work in a series of phased projects that were to be completed over several years. The first phase focused on the restoration of the slate roof. Our investigation indicated that the original slate was in good condition and could be reused. Reusing the slate saved the owner a significant amount of money as well as retained important historic materials. The second phase addresses building accessibility. A new ramp was installed in the existing courtyard located between the church and vicary. By positioning the ramp in the centralized courtyard, a single, accessible route is provided to the entire complex. The rampís aesthetic impact on the historic buildings was mitigated because the courtyard is well hidden from the street. The third phase encompassed the repair and restoration of the interior spaces. This scope of worked included repairing the damaged plaster walls, restoring the stained glass windows, and cleaning the wood wainscoting and beadboard ceiling. New and unobtrusive light fixtures were installed to highlight important architectural details as well as provide additional task lighting. The fourth phase was the restoration of the remainder of the exterior building envelope. We are proud to have been a part of the restoration of one the regionís most important historic structures and, in our own small way, the revitalization of the North Side.

Owner: Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Area: 6,500 sf
Budget: $675,000
Completed: 1997